Skjolden Cruise Handling

Cruise Destination Skjolden  – Sognefjord

Skjolden Cruise Handling is a local cruise agent in Skjolden, Sognefjord. It this well-known Norwegian cruise port we deal with:

  • guide services
  • shore excursions

Our more than 30 guides are well trained, master many different languages and have many years of experience.  We cooperate with our mother company Geiranger & Nordfjord Cruise Handling. Together we can provide more than 100 hundred guides.

Excursions to:

Urnes Stave  Church – the oldest stave church in the world and on UNESCOs World Heritage List, Jostedalen with its glaciers, Sognefjellet, Jotunheimen National Park, Ice Tunnel, Lom with the Norwegian Mountain Museum and Lom Stave Church, Sogn Open Air museum, Balestrand and Fjærland.


Phone: +47 90738489


Photos by:

Jacques Huijbens and Torunn Kjøk