The mountain-race Fanaraaken Uphill

The mountain-race Fanaraaken Uphill ( In 2015 the raceday for 13th international Fanaraaken Uphill ( Since 2003) is Saturday August 8.

The start takes place 868 metres above sea level at Turtagro close to Turtagro Hotel ( ). Finish Line is on the summit of the mountain Fanaraaken 2068 metres above sea level and close to the tourist chalet Fannaråkhytta which has the highest location in northern Europe. It’s a spectacular, magnificent and breathtaking view from the top of Fanaraaken.

The length of the course is 8,4km and the total climb is 1200 metres. The first 4,5km is on a dust road . The the last 4km is a steep and rocky trail with a total climb of 1.000metres.

You can participate in the competition class or in the fun run class without timetaking . Because a part of the race will take place in the Jotunheimen National Park there is a limit of 500 competitors for the competition classes. It’s no limit for the fun run class. The record is 568 finishers.

The course record is 1.08.26 for women is 1.08.26 (Anita Håkenstad Evertsen, Østre Slidre IL , 2012 ) and 57.30 for men (Tomas Bereket , Larvik Turn/ Eritrea, 2011). The records set in the ”old” course     that belong to Anita Håkenstad Eversten , Øystre Slidre IL 1.05.53 (2007) and Jon Tvedt, IL Gular, 57.18 (2008) is forever saved as the records in the course that was used until 2009.

Welcome to a unique Mountain Race in a magnificent scenery !

MORE INFORMATION: and the facebook page to Fanaråken Opp