Biking, Hiking and Fishing in Skjolden

Join an adventure through the enchanting natural- and cultural landscapes of the Mørkrid valley, one of the best ways to access Breheimen national park. The different tours goes to beautiful and peaceful places like Drivande waterfall and Bølifossen. On the tours you will also learn about how the valley land was cultivated in the olden days and how it came to be a national park.

Biking and Hiking to Drivande Waterfall:

Join to experience the mighty Drivande Waterfall close-up. On the tour you will be told local history and get a better understanding of how people lived their lives in the area in the olden days. The tour suits persons who wants to experience the authentic Norwegian nature with an easier difficulty.

Biking, hiking and fishting  to Bølifossen:

Experience the hidden place called Bølifossen – refered to as “the Pearl in the Mørkrid valley” by the local inhabitants. Although it is not guaranteed to catch fish on the tour, the chances are generally better in the mountains than in the fjord.



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