Visit Skjolden – Bus tours

VisitSkjolden offers tours with minibus in the surroundings of Skjolden. Both guide and driver are locals and through us you will learn the facts about the area and the small stories you will never find in any brochure. These tours are exclusive and offered only to smaller groups of 15 persons. We offer local tours of 1-2 hours and tours to the attractions nearby of 3-6,5 hours.

You can order by mail to:

We need to fill the 15 seats in the bus to achieve the best price for you (see price list). But, please contact us anyway, and we will try to find a solution for smaller groups as well.

NEW IN 2017:

“Meet the locals” – a new sightseeing tour of approx. 1 hour, which we are doing on scheduled days throughout the summer. You will be able to see the Skjolden area, meet several of the people living here and receive a lot of information about how to reach the attractions in this area with your own car. In particular, the hidden pearls you will not easily find on your own. A short and reasonable priced tour for the whole family and a perfect start of your holilday.

Sightseeing and tourist information – all in one!

See days and departure times on web: and our facebook page: visitskjolden. Can also be booked in Skjolden Tourist Information in Fjordstova.







A. Nørdstedalen 4,5 hours

Nok 865

Wild scenery, cliffs, waterfall, river, powerplant, stoneruins, watermagazin, glacier, panorama view, mountain lodge, traditional food incl. Optional return by bike.
B. Farm visit Fortun 3 hours

Nok 350

Charming farm. 10 types of animals. Many activities, riding, playing, feeding, climbing.  Small meal with drinks included. Nice for both grown-ups and children.
C. Sightseeing 2 valleys 1 hour +

Nok 250

Amazing nature, river, waterfall, panorama view. Learn about how we live and what we do. 3 stops.
D. Dalsdalen / Dale church 3 hours

Nok 610

Amazing green valley, river, waterfalls, old stonehouses, light meal/drink incl., panorama view, Dale stonechurch.
E. Jostedalen 3,5 hours

Nok 590

Small villages along the fjord, Glacier-center, stops at parking by the glacier, Feigum waterfall , Dale church.
F. Sognefjellet / Urnes 4,5 hours

Nok 845

Jotunheimen National Park, famous mountain road 1434 mas, peaks, glaciers, water magazine, waterfalls, Urnes stave church entrance incl, deer farm.
G. Sognefjellet 3 hours

Nok 510

Jotunheimen National  Park, peaks, glaciers, water magazine, power plant, waterfall. Several stops.
H. The romantic road / Urnes stavechurch 3 hours

Nok 590

Stunning scenery, waterfall, center of art, stave church entrance incl, deer farm. Photo stops + stop at church.
I. Culture hour 1 hour

Nok 150

Film Mørkrid valley, live folk music and dancers, national costumes, see and learn close up. Only when scheduled.
J. The big 5 – roundtrip 6,5 hours

Nok 1350

The Sognefjord-Jostedal glacier-Urnes stave church-Feigum waterfall-Sognefjellet/Jotunheimen National Park. Incl. lunch, ferry, entrance church, diploma
K. Meet the locals – sightseeing and holiday guide 1 hour

Nok 200

See close-up the community of Skjolden; the llama farm, berry farm, rib tours, panorama view, waterfalls, play grounds, Wittgenstein, where to hike, what to see, where to fish, eat and shop. Learn how the people live their lives by the fjord and where to go exploring on your own. Diploma. The best way to get to know the area!

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